How we came



Founded in 1987, Bond Properties Pte Ltd was founded with the aim of improving our clients’ quality of life. BPPL goes beyond managing the property that we are entrusted. As our name suggest, we emphasise on building relationships. We possess the capacity to deliver our commitment to our clients. Over the years, we have established a strong track record of managing a portfolio of residential, commercial and industries properties.




Our promise of delivering high quality service will require strong resources. In BPPL, we consider our staff our most valuable resource. We recognise excellent performance at individual and team level. Our clients can be assured of our service standard as we take pride in our service deliverable to them. Partnering BPPL means you are partnering an experienced and excellent team who can support you.



Our customer-centric culture forms the basis of our operations, we listen carefully and support our clients all the way to success.



We optimise operating cost while improving the quality of service through minimising downtime and leveraging on technology and innovation.



We focus on delivering great service and attention to detail as we understand that the importance of getting it right all day, everyday.



Being accountable of our own work, we act as owners to use resource carefully and strive to achieve outstanding results in a competitive market.