Our Technology Capabilities

Smart & Productive



At Bond Properties, we utilise the latest technology to meet clients’ needs through smart solutions, predictive maintenance and optimising of consumption of resources.

Tech-based Facility Management Solutions

More than just being integrated, our Tech-based Facility Management system adopts an outcome-based approach where KPIs for contractors can be tracked and mapped to how well they respond to feedbacks. With an integrated and common communication channel via our Tech-based Facility Management app, all contractors and managers can communicate efficiently and transparently to ensure that all tasks are completed in the shortest time possible.

As your facility managers, we will translate your expectations into the conditions of the KPI to ensure deliverables are met by contractors. Consistent end-to-end tracking and regular reporting will ensure subpar performances are improved against KPI.


Centralised Command Centre

CommandCentreCentralised command centre monitors and responds to issues from contractors and tenants. With 24×7 dedicated landline at our command centre, as well as mobile app and email channels for communication, contractors and tenants will always get one-stop comprehensive review of existing and ongoing operations.


Cloud-based Financials Management

Owners can view current and historical billings. The can also pay bills via PayNow and other means via our dedicated app. Manage financials and accounting information on our cloud-based platform and quickly access statements, payments and bookings via the management dashboard. Generate full set of financial reports and track payments instantly on our platform.


Facilities Management App

With our facilities management app, tenants can book facilities, post feedback and communicate with the property managers anytime, anywhere. Report issues with facilities and track follow-up actions and responses.


Procurement Software

Adopting a procurement software designed specially for facilities managers, we can better manage procurement processes. Smart ranking system algorithm enables facilities managers to compare quotations and ensure competitiveness and transparency in the awarding of contracts. Optimise workflow and automate processes to make the procurement process efficient. Audit log in the software will provide documentary evidence of the sequence of activities taking place in the system.


Iot for Energy Management

We implement Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that help to save costs in energy bills. Sensors and monitoring systems work together to ensure electricity usage is optimised around the estate.

The holistic adoption of these digital systems will transform and harness the synergy and resources within the contractors in your development to deliver quality services and achieve excellent productivity.